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DRF-7000S Turntable Automatic Pulse Welding Machine

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DRF-7000S Turntable Automatic Pulse Welding Machine

This machine is mainly used for vacuum seal welding of quartz crystal,SAW filter, sensor and transistor,and can be used for welding non-ferrous metal,electric vacuum device and motor thermal protector.It adopts imported PLC and touch screen control,turntable high-precision six-stations design, automatic feeding, automatic welding,automatic segregation of qualified and unqualified workpieces in different stations,greatly improving the work efficiency.Improved operational safety.Using Miyaki welding current monitor,high automation.

    Technicai Parameters

    Supply voltage

    AC380V10% 50Hz

    Air pressure


    Charging voltage

    0~1000V DC

    Energy storage 7000J6000J



    Input Current




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