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NHJS1-100 Three Servo Commutator Turning Machine

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NHJS1-100 Three Servo Commutator Turning Machine

This machine is suitable for high-precision automatic turning of automobile motor, motor starter motor, power tool series motor,  permanent magnet motor and DC servo motor. Using three Mitsubishi servo motor, imported PLC program control, color touch screen control, feed and infeed position can be set accurately, the number of turning can be carried out several times, the amount of feed and the amount of knife in the touch screen display, servo speed uniformity , High precision, carbide V-shaped blocks support the rotor shaft, the bearing stalls are automatic fuel injection device, configuration high hardness gemstone head, belt friction rotorcylindrical automatic turning, electrical mechanical interlock design, safe and reliable, all actions once completed , Manual up and down the workpiece, easy to operate.

Technicai Parameters

Supply voltage AC38010% 50Hz

Air pressure


Total power


Rotor OD 20~80mm

Turning roughness


Commutator length


Commutator diameter


Workpiece line speed


Rotor shaft diameter


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