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WRD-22 Turntable Vanishing Stator Machine

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WRD-22 Turntable Vanishing Stator Machine

This machine is suitable for stator painting and pre-geling.The stator does not move, the painting heads reciprocate.So the windings has high insulation performance by painting, which greatly improves its moisture resistance, mildew resistance , large current shock resistance, mechanical shock resistance and electrical performance. It adopts Mitsubishi PLC program control, text display for operation and modification parameters, flat plate stepping rotary structure. This machine has preheating and pregeling dual channel heating system.The user owns the heating oven to dry..

Technicai Parameters

Supply voltage

AC380V±10% 50Hz

Air pressure


Total power


 Reciprocation speed


Stator OD




    Special specifications can be customized

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